AME Research is a leading global research firm, with a focus on the energy transition.

Our focus is to measure, understand and manage the huge
structural changes that will take place over the next 30
years as the world strives to reach net-zero carbon

Since 1971, AME has been a strong player in global
resource economics. We offer detailed data analytics,
research and analysis on renewables, energy, power,
mining, metals and infrastructure projects.

We provide highly personalised and trusted advice that
materially makes a difference to our clients' strategic plans.
We have over 300 clients, which includes governments,
major financial institutions, miners and energy providers.

AME allows you to become a partner and principal player in
a comfortable, yet dynamic firm, that has repositioned into
focusing on the energy transition, advanced software tools
and long-term market analysis.

While we are principally based in Sydney, Australia, we
have offices, affiliates and partners in Europe, Asia, Africa
and the Americas.

Current opportunities
Title Division Location Created
BD Client Support WFH Business Development Sydney 11-01-2022
Relationship Manager Business Development Sydney 11-01-2022
Company Systems Analyst Systems Sydney 11-01-2022
AME is a bridge between the complexity of on-site
engineering and commercial reality. We offer real,
actionable insights with our engineering models,
valuations, and market analysis.
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