STRATEGIC MARKET STUDY Thermal Coal in Transition

Examine dynamic market trends with long-term demand, supply and price data.

Discover historical figures and 20-year site-by-site production forecasts to 2040, for all major sites and upcoming sites, globally.

We provide insightful analysis on the entire value chain from infrastructure, supply and demand mechanisms, price
forecasts, product specifications, to premiums and discounts.

Interested in an insightful perspective on the entire value chain?
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Report Contents
  • Executive Summary

    Comprehensive review of key market drivers over the short, medium and long term.
    • Demand
    • Supply
    • Snapshot of inventory
    • Prices
  • Prices

    Long term projections and professional opinions on price drivers and demand and supply balances.
    • Short-term
    • Long-term
    • Forward price
    • Premiums & discounts
  • Demand

    Demand by sector, per capita country and region.
    • Discussion of short-medium term demand drivers
    • Historical demand
    • Unlock long demand with 20-year forecasts
  • Supply

    Production by region, country, company and site.
    • Product profiles
    • Historical data and 20-year forecasts
    • Site supply
    • Regional supply
    • Country supply
    • Company supply
    • New sites and expansions
    • Inventory
  • Economics

    Factors shaping the global economy.
    • Short to medium term
    • Long term economic assumptions
    • Extra-long term economic assumptions
    • GDP forecasts
    • IP forecasts
  • Industry Spotlight

    Description of the value chain and discussion on.
    • Production process
    • Technology
    • Material flow
    • Product qualities
    • Market Structure
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Strategic Study Service
  • Contents

    AME’s Strategic Study service includes:
    • Three-volume report
    • Strategic Models
    • AME Updates (daily, monthly, quarterly)
  • Access

    AME’s Strategic Study service can be accessed and viewed via:
    • AME’s web-based
      platform Direct
    • PDF
    • Excel
  • Release

    AME’s Strategic Study report is issued every quarter.
    All of the data that feeds into the report and Strategic Models is updated every quarter.
Strategic Models (included)
  • Prices & Inputs

    Track, review, benchmark and compare and assess hundreds of different prices.
  • Tenement Mapper

    Visualise the reserves, resources and future potential of any site, project or asset.
  • Trade Flows

    Explore trade flows between countries for commodities.
  • Taxes & Royalties

    Gain real insight into the “government take” from royalties to payroll taxes, to community costs.
AME Updates (included)
  • Daily Briefing

    The latest intelligence on investments, innovation, consumption and production.
  • Price Updates

    Provides the daily price for a range of commodities, coupled with the latest breaking developments.
  • Daily Lift

    Aggregate news email with the latest company press releases.
  • Features

    The latest analysis on the topical issues shaping your industry.
  • Focus

    Insightful projections on markets and prices.
  • Economic Overview

    Examines the factors shaping the global economy and driving the resources world.
AME is a bridge between the complexity of on-site
engineering and commercial reality. We offer real,
actionable insights with our engineering models,
valuations, and market analysis.
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