Unique Technical Understanding

The global AME team, spread across Asia, Oceania, Europe and the Americas, provides unique understanding and exposure to the global Metals, Mining and Energy industries:

  • AME leverages our experienced engineers and geologists' technical industry experience.
  • Our insights into global commodity markets are based upon specific knowledge of individual sites.
  • We cover a wide range of commodities with particular expertise in Asian markets.
  • Our experience across the value chain provides the basis for independent technical desktop due diligence reviews.
  • AME can provide both full market analysis and technical site valuations at a granular level.
Experienced Resource Advisors

AME Consulting is among the world's most experienced resource advisors with over 45 years of global resource knowledge. Our Consulting technical experience is used to provide independent market consulting and tailored technical reports reflecting immediate changes in the industry.

Our Specialist Consulting Team provides critical and focused information to enable clients to make key strategic financing and operating decisions.

Technical Specialists

The AME Consulting team consists of technical specialists and chartered engineers equipped with extensive experience across the metals, mining and energy industries, enabling AME to provide unparalleled operational insight and expertise. Our advisors maintain strong relationships with traditional operators, market participants and key financiers for Metals, Mining and Energy projects including associated infrastructure such as pipelines, railways and ports. Our team includes:

  • Mining Engineers with extensive open-cut & underground planning and operational backgrounds across all commodity groups
  • Reservoir Geologists, Petroleum Engineers, Process Engineers and Petroleum Economists with practical experience and knowledge spanning all aspects of the oil and gas supply chain
  • Mine Geologists experienced in exploration, resource definition and mine production forecasting
  • Metallurgists and Processing Engineers with expertise across all aspects of product beneficiation, including the design and operation of smelters and refineries in a variety of global markets
  • Economists with specialist expertise in macro-economic trends for each of AME's core commodities