What We Do
Resource Engineering & Industry Analysis

Founded in 1971 by a team of engineers and geologists under the leadership of James Vale, AME has always been a bridge between technical evaluation and the market.

In 1989, Shaun Browne took over the firm and AME is now led by an experienced and dedicated management team.

Our technical specialists, advanced analytics, comprehensive database and extensive software tools will enable you to find opportunities, invest efficiently, improve productivity and reduce costs.

We operate two major global research centres within an integrated global footprint of regional offices as a leader in technical knowledge for the energy, metals and mining industries.

At AME, we provide a suite of services that combines 45 years of industry and functional expertise with data, analytics, and software tools to help clients gain greater clarity in decision making and achieve significant long-term performance improvements.

We capture, compare and assess the opex, capex and performance metrics on 1000s of pieces of equipment, processes and methods, which includes site royalties, taxation and depreciation. This Big Data “cushion” is the basis for our industry supply and demand matrix.

AME has harnessed Machine Learning to develop the most comprehensive company, government and technical database for engineering economics on resources.

Our engineering method accurately benchmarks any exploration project, mine, smelter, refinery, steel mill or oil field and coupled with our demand research provides technical knowledge and operational understanding.